Riesling – The Maligned Vine

This is a story of how one of the Noblest grape varieties has had its reputation maligned and sullied. Riesling is one of the truly great grape varieties that can do it all; dry, yes you read that right, dry, through to lusciously sweet and everything in between. Its reputation is mostly based on the[…..]


Malbec is now a global superstar of the wine world, but not long ago it was just another grape variety within the masses of other grape varieties out there. But Malbec has a long and distinguished history, before phylloxera virtually wiped out Bordeaux it was one of the most planted varieties in the region, a[…..]

Grape Misconceptions No.1

We all suffer from this, whether you’ve been subjected to something past its best, or you over-indulged to the extent where you can’t abide looking, let alone smelling or tasting it ever again. Our wonderful memory banks have a handy knack of reminding us, thus avoiding a repeat episode of palate attack. Wine is certainly[…..]

How to store your wine

Laying wine down for future use or as an investment is a very complicated business. There is much to think about, for example what wine, what year, when will it mature etc. etc. Due to the complexity of this issue we always advise that you seek professional assistance in the process of selecting and storing[…..]