Bright orange in colour, Aperol has a unique taste thanks to its secret recipe which has never been changed. With infusions of selected ingredients including bitter and sweet oranges and many other herbs and roots.

Haymans Sloe Gin


Rich ruby red in colour. A rich, sweet fruity nose with intense sloe/plum aromas perfectly balanced by the botanical herb and spice notes from the gin. The autumnal flavours on the palate have a balanced bitter, fruity and spicy character which persists into the warming finish.

Fragola, Bepi Tosolini


An interesting and fabulous liqueur made from an infusion and distillate of wild strawberries, which are harvested and infused for over four months. With its sweet and intense wild strawberry flavour, this is quite simply delicious.

Limoncello Bepi Tosolini


This all-natural Limoncello by Bepi Tosolini is made from lemons harvested from the Amalfi coast, considered to be the best area for the lemons.

Coffee Heering Liqueur, 50cl


The base is a Caribbean rum, coffee and cacao. To produce a liqueur with flavours of espresso coffee, dark bitter chocolate and a faint hint of vanilla.

Cherry Heering Liqueur


Heering Cherry Liqueur is a deep, brick red colour made to a recipe dating from 1818. A blend of fresh cherries that are carefully pressed and mixed together with a finely blended selection of spices, then stored in oak barrels for 3-5 years. Only natural ingredients, no additives or artificial colouring. The original Cherry brandy.

Creme de Framboise Edmond Briottet


A fresh and fruity raspberry liqueur from Dijon producer Edmond Briottet, Crème de Framboise is made by macerated the fresh fruit in alcohol. The result is a fresh-tasting, aromatic and utterly delicious liqueur.

Crème de Cassis, Edmond Briottet


High quality cassis liqueur from French artisan producer. Rich aromas with full blackcurrant overtones. A good and rich texture that piles up the blackcurrant flavours.

Amaretto Saliza


A traditional Italian amaretto made with crushed almonds. Light, delicious and rounded on the palate with a fresh almond sweetness.