Chateau Musar White 2007


A unique white wine produced from the indigenous grapes Merwah and Obaideh, thought to be the ancestors of Chardonnay and Semillon. The wine is aged in oak for 9 months before being transferred to bottle where it ages for 7 years until release. Reminiscent of mature white Burgundy but with a honeyed, intensely zesty characteristic,[…..]

Chateau Musar 2004


“Chateau Musar Red 2004 has all the musky, spicy, leathery depth this wine is famous for but it also has a kind of airy lightness too which makes it a beguiling drink”. Simon Hoggart – The Spectator Magazine March 2011. 

Chateau Musar 2001


Intense flavours of red cherries, dark chocolate, olives and figs. Complex, with an amazing length of finish.